In 1935, in the northeast Mississippi town of Tupelo, the King of Rock and Roll was born. The Americana Music Triangle is made up of cities like Memphis, Nashville, and New Orleans, but only Tupelo can lay claim to the Birthplace of the King. Elvis Presley was born to very humble beginnings but grew to legendary status bringing thousands of people to the Elvis Presley Birthplace each year.

One Camera. One Band. One Take.

The Birthplace Sessions are filmed on the scenic front porch of Elvis’ first home. Artists selected to participate are invited to showcase their individual sound in an acoustic setting which is filmed in one take. The Birthplace Sessions serve to provide a unique format for artists to gain exposure by sharing their talent to a wide audience while also paying homage to Elvis and his Tupelo home. Those selected will have their recording posted to the Birthplace Sessions’ website.

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