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Twenty years in the making; we are six Mississippians who want to give you music from a place where America’s music started, Mississippi, America’s music birthplace. We call it Mississippi Stomp as we are influenced by all of Mississippi’s music that is created from many small places. Places such as the Piney Woods, to the Flatlands, from the Hill Country, to the Muddy Waters, to the Appalachian Foothills, the Black Prairie and the Coast would produce more music from one region per capita than any other state in the nation. These rich places of hard work in the smoldering heat of summer and fall harvest would spawn music from all time greats. Many of these musical icons in conjunction with a mishmash of our own musical family heritages would influence our writing, our music, and our sound, from the old, to the new, metamorphosing the band, Mississippi Stomp. Kick back, relax and lend us your ears!


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